Knives are guaranteed against defects in materials and manufacture. 

180 Damascus (3)

In the unlikely event of a fault, knives can be returned to our Allen Street address. Please see Returns. Our guarantee does not cover knives which have been misused, have been stored incorrectly or have been generally cared for poorly.

Knives should be cared for as follows:

Carbon steel knife blades are vulnerable to attack from atmospheric and other moisture and are prone to develop rust marks after handling. Our carbon steel knife blades leave the factory with a light covering of a suitable blade protectant. The knife should be cleaned regularly using a lint free cloth, especially after handling. Periodic reapplication of a blade protectant is necessary following the manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend Tuf Cloth (TM) which is available to order on the Accessories section of our site.

Our stainless steel and Damascus steel knife blades do not need blade protectant but should be kept clean and dry. (Please note our Damascus knives are made for presentation purposes only, so blades are not fully sharpened). 

We offer hand made leather sheaths for our knives, but a knife should not be stored in a leather sheath for a prolonged period – the leather can damage the blade and fittings. Regularly cleaning and conditioning of leather sheaths with saddle soap extends the lifespan and helps maintain good quality.

Great care should be taken when handling any knife.