Sheffield Collectable Knives

Authentic Sheffield made collectable knives from Joseph Rodgers, George Ibberson and George Wostenholm


Sheffield is synonymous with steel and is the historic birthplace of knife making. In Sheffield the word 'cutlery' refers to 'that which cuts'. For more than 700 years, Sheffield knives and cutlery have been created by highly skilled Sheffield craftsmen, and our company names are amongst the most famous in the industry’s history. The first reference to a Sheffield cutler dates to 1297. In the 1370s, Chaucer described a Sheffield 'thwitel' (a straight wooden-handled knife) on the belt of a Miller in The Reeve's Tale.


Sheffield Collectable Knives are the trademark and product owners of the world renowned group containing Sheffield’s finest knife makers, including...


Expert pocket knife maker and owner of the world famous Stradivarius trademark. This mark, along with George Ibberson’s other great trademark, Doublesharp ## has gained legendary status amongst knife collectors around the world. Read more about George Ibberson...


Maker of the Norfolk Knife and owner of the Star and Cross trademark signifying superb quality, which dates back to 1682. The Norfolk Knife, made for The Great Exhibition of 1851, took two years to complete and features blades with etchings of Queen Victoria, Chatsworth House and The White House. Read more about Joseph Rodgers...


Forever associated with fine cutlery including the highly prized l*XL Wostenholm Bowie Knife of the great American Bowie Knife era. Read more about George Wostenholm...

This collaboration of arguably Sheffield’s finest knife making names throughout history and the world, enables us to continue the traditions of the forefathers of our companies and we continue to produce the finest quality, handmade and highly collectable knives, manufactured skilfully by our own Sheffield craftsmen utilising the skills passed down through the generations.


We employ some of Sheffield’s finest cutlers, for whom maintaining the authenticity, integrity and quality of the Sheffield knives they craft is paramount. The skills incorporated to create our iconic, custom made knives, take a lifetime to master and have been passed on throughout the generations and from Sheffield craftsmen to craftsmen during the long and distinguished histories of our companies.


Our range includes Bowie Knives and Commando Knives and we are offering knife collectors and enthusiasts the exclusive opportunity to design and own a unique Sheffield made collectable knife from George Wostenholm, Joseph Rodgers or George Ibberson.  Our Sheffield craftsmen will make your knife especially for you using time honoured techniques and the highest quality materials available.

George Wostenholm, Joseph Rodgers and George Ibberson are all part of Egginton Bros Ltd a family owned and run Sheffield manufacturer established in 1872.